A unique karaoke-choir experience

Are you looking for something different for your party, wedding or event?  Do you want to create something unforgettable?  Do you want your guests raving about their experience for weeks on end?

The team behind the incredible Cheep Trill community choir is now available for YOUR event.  In a minimum of one hour, we will bring everyone’s shower-diva to life by creating a live karaoke choir with all of your guests, using a song of your choice! 

You don’t need to read music!  You don’t need to sing well!  This is all about having fun!

We will carefully and lovingly cater for YOUR event according to how creative and involved you would like to be.  We can take the reins and run the show, or you can allow your creative juices to flow and be involved in the fun of bringing your extraordinary choir to life.  We can also organise your choir-aoke to be filmed and uploaded online, so when the champagne wears off, you can relive the experience!

To enquire about Choir-aoke or to book us for your next event, click below!

Choir-aoke choir karaoke